About the Critical Legal Conference

Since its first annual meeting in 1986, the Critical Legal Conference (CLC) has been a key site for the critical study of legal and political questions both in Britain and internationally. It attracts a wide range of radical legal and political thinkers from across the globe. But in contrast to most annual conferences there is no committee or scholarly association behind it. Instead, conference delegates meet each year to collectively decide where it will be hosted the following year. The host chosen by the conference then decides on the themes and specific details for the next CLC. This minimal structure seeks to promote and maintain a communal and anti-establishment ethos, in line with the critical focus of the conference itself.

Each year the conference chooses where the next CLC will be held and the next hosts choose the general theme of the conference, with recent examples being ‘turning points’; ‘catastrophe’; ‘regeneration’; and, ‘alienation’. In 2020, the CLC will come to the University of Dundee for the first time, adopting the novel theme of ‘Frankenlaw!’ that is inspired by historical connections between Dundee and Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.